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Today's Announcement 25 . 03. 2018
IIME has also been authorised by CENTUM Work Skill INDIA Ltd.(One of the Top 15 Emerging Leaders in Training Outsourcing 2009 Worldwide CENTUM Work Skills India Ltd. is a JV between Centum Learning Limited and National Skill Development Corporation, Govt. of India) for implementation of NSDC-STAR Project issued by NSDC.
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Authorised for CWSL NSDC-STAR Project...

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All successful Entrepreneurs have a vision, set goals for themselves and achieve their dreams with hard work and persistence to succeed. Self-confidence, belief, teamwork, positive attitude, people skills and ability to lead are a few qualities of the people at the top.
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Teaching Methodology @ IIME

Most of the MBA aspirants take their admission decision based on the answers they get for the following questions:

  • How many of your previous batch students got the campus placement?
  • What is the highest salary offered to your students?
  • Is your MBA Recognized by AICTE/ UGC?

The success of your career largely depends up on the teaching methodology of B- School, but not on the answers you obtain for the above questions because, every B-School gives quite satisfying answers to the above answers at the time of admission.

MBA is a altogether a different course, for which, following things does not matter.

  • Certificates you get
  • Percentage of marks you score
  • Placement record of B-School
  • Group activities

Then what matters?

Only the TEACHING METHODOLOGY and of course, YOUR CO-OPERATION to get molded in accordance with the industry’s requirement also matters a lot.

Given below is our teaching methodology, designed after meticulous observation of the industry demand and the qualities of the available raw material, i.e. YOU. It is only you to open the mouth before the interview board, its is the way you answer the interviewer’s questions that matters, it is your appearance that matters, it is your convincing skills that matters, it is your argumentative skills that matters, it is the sharpness & creativity of your mind that matters and finally it is your INDIVIDUAL EXPOSURE during the two year period you spend at your B-School that matters a lot, your placement depends on only ONE THING, i.e. what you have done in these crucial two years as an individual.

1000 Assignments

An assignment is a bunch of answer sheets prepared by you for a given topic, after a due consultation with 3 to 4 reference text books & related websites. This will enable you to work on one thousand crucial management topics, which results in gaining huge health of knowledge that is not possible through our age old method of text mugging.

All Saturdays are exclusively reserved for assignments. So that no student can ‘delegate’ this job to somebody at home. At IIME, mostly there will be not being any home work.

1000 Case Studies

A case study of a live problematic situation faced by an organization in the course of its business. On studying the situation and storming your brain to come out with different alternative solutions- you have to fix on a single solution. A wrong solution might cost your promotion, image or even your job. Handling 1000 case studies with the help of your faculty, who are picked up direct from the industry, help you find solutions to many business problems after your placement.

All Fridays are exclusively reserved for case studies and management games. At IIME, people who never worked in any company will not be allowed to teach business management.

1000 Speeches

Every student is supposed to speech on given topic for a minimum 10 to 15 minutes continuously. She or he has to answer the questions posed by the audience for another 5 minutes. Stage fear, public speaking phobia etc will no more be your weak points. Also you will learn how to argue & convince a large group, being alone the secret advantages with this technique is you will also learn 24 different topics by intently listening to 24 of other participants speeches. Because the class size for this program is 25 students.

All Thursdays are exclusively reserved for this program. IIME is the place where you cant escape by sitting in the back bench or by bucking the class on crucial day, as every day is a crucial day and every student is forced to open his mouth before a large crowd of future managers, every week.

What others like to do, but IIME does NOT?

Industrial Visits

Our industrial are very limited, as we don’t see considerable advantages associated with more than 3 or 4 visits.

Industrial tour

Now a days India is leading in service sector. And Kanpur itself is having enough industries to be visited. So, we there wont be any industrial tour to go out of the country or out of city.

Exam oriented teaching

Our teaching methodology totally aimed at molding the students to the tune of the employer but not to be the University’s requirement. So, we don’t emphasize much on prescribed syllabus teaching. In fact, you can have normal classroom lectures only 3 days a week, i.e. Monday to Wednesday. This is the foremost reason behind maintaining autonomous status for IIME by sending its students to the university externally.