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Today's Announcement 25 . 03. 2018
IIME has also been authorised by CENTUM Work Skill INDIA Ltd.(One of the Top 15 Emerging Leaders in Training Outsourcing 2009 Worldwide CENTUM Work Skills India Ltd. is a JV between Centum Learning Limited and National Skill Development Corporation, Govt. of India) for implementation of NSDC-STAR Project issued by NSDC.
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All successful Entrepreneurs have a vision, set goals for themselves and achieve their dreams with hard work and persistence to succeed. Self-confidence, belief, teamwork, positive attitude, people skills and ability to lead are a few qualities of the people at the top.
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Myths v/s Reality

Q1. Is it possible for a normal graduate to get admission in the Top College?

Myth: Only Top 30 - Colleges are best for such type of professional courses.
Reality: According to a survey by Business World 2009 only 3% of normal graduate can only be a part of the Top 30 - Colleges.

Generally it has been observed that students dream to be a part of the Top 30 - Colleges (Like IIMs’, XLRI, etc) which have high fee structure, huge amenities and infrastructure, etc. But in reality only students of crème layer, IITs’, engineers and students who have work experience can be part of these Top 30 - Colleges. It is practically impossible for a normal graduate to be a part of these Top 30 - Colleges, because of their highly complicated process of selection.


Q2. What is more important a Guaranteed Job OR a Job Assistance?

Myth: An assured job is only provided by Top 30 - Colleges.
Reality: Actually Job Guarantee is more important than Job Assurance & Job Assistance.

Generally it has been observed that students feel assured that Job Assurance of Top 30 - Colleges will get them placed at a good package & company. Normally they consider Job Assistance & Job Assurance equal to Job Guarantee but it is not so, Job Assistance and Job Guarantee are two different things. The important question is that after completing your MBA you want to loiter around with your resume or consult a placement agency or you want a educational institute which provide you a guaranteed campus placement.

Moreover, even the top 20 (by any definition) B-schools do not manage 100% placements.


Q3. Is the survival cost of a metropolitan city bearable?

Myth: Colleges in metropolitan cities can only provide better placement.
Reality: According to a survey by Business World 2009 at a normal package it is very difficult to survive in metropolitan cities.

Students tend to move towards the colleges in metropolitan cities for pursuing their professional course. One of the surveys says that expenditure level is too high in the metropolitan cities. A normal course fee in metropolitan ranges between 5 to 7 lac with an extra living expenditure of 1.5 lac to 1.8 lac. The return on an investment of 6.5 lac to 9 lac is nearly 2.5 to 3.5 lac which makes the survival of the candidate very difficult in such big cities. For getting better placement it is necessary that a college should be located in such a region where there is industry exposure, where the candidate can prepare themselves according to the needs of the industry.


Q4. Is it possible for top 30 - Colleges to absorb all the best faculty in the country?

Myth: Only Top 30 - Colleges have the best faculty.
Reality: According to a survey by Business World 2009 only list of faculty is there where as in reality it does not make sense.

Students perceive that only Top 30 - Colleges have the best faculty but the reality is that today all the B-school have a big list of faculty members who are doctorate from one of the fine universities etc. which helps them to create brand for their college, which in reality doesn’t make sense. It is very difficult for them to match up with the student’s mentality and bring out a comfort zone with them which ultimately ends up in the criticism of the student. The most important factor is that there should be a comfort zone and compatibility between the teacher and the student, which can help the student to understand and learn where he / she is lacking and bring out the required changes in them.


Q5. Does it really matter to have state of the art infrastructure?

Myth: Colleges should have modern infrastructure.
Reality: How does it matter?

Students are into a dilemma that a college with modern infrastructure and facilities provide better and quality education. The essential things for an institute to function satisfactorily is the availability of necessary infrastructure in terms of a computer lab, high speed internet connection, a well stocked library with subscriptions to management literature, and classrooms duly furnished with facilities for teaching with the help of audio-visual aids. If one belonged to the 1980s, they may say ‘wow’ to that. But the current young generation, which takes technology in daily life for granted for them the facilities like wi-fi, air conditioned classroom, audio visual aids etc are no more an attraction in comparison to the guaranteed placement.

The important part is that a college should have all those facilities which help the student to get a good placement.


Q6. How many B-Schools provide the required Training & Development Programme?

Myth: MBA College is only a gateway to get good package & company without skills.
Reality: 80% MBA candidates are failure in recruitment process of companies.

All the B-schools promise to provide training & development programme but only few among them are capable of doing so. In today’s era it is very important for a student to have a corporate as well as industry exposure so that he / she can have some practical knowledge of the industry and they can cater to the needs of the industry in future. It is very important that a student should have employability skills with X-factor.


Q7. Does only the approval of the college makes them the best?

Myth: College must be AICTE / UPTU / UGC Recognized University approved first of all.
Reality: The Placement capability and the teaching methodology of the college are of Prime importance with an approved degree.

These three terminologies used by the colleges baffle the student community the most. Actually these three are the recognizing bodies created by the central Govt or State Govt as well whose approval is a must for any college for offering degrees and diplomas valid for Government Jobs and pursuing doctorate programme of various state and Govt universities.

The degree or diploma provided by various colleges are all the same and has no difference as far as the authenticity is concerned if the college is recognized by any of the above bodies. All the professional courses should be based on latest industry requirements and there should be regular industry integrated programme approved by these bodies. The placement capability and the teaching methodology are the most valuable assets that must be considered above all. Now-a-days students are having degrees but no jobs in their hands. Now the choice is your‘s what are looking for? Only Degree or A Degree with Guaranteed Placement?