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Today's Announcement 25 . 03. 2018
IIME has also been authorised by CENTUM Work Skill INDIA Ltd.(One of the Top 15 Emerging Leaders in Training Outsourcing 2009 Worldwide CENTUM Work Skills India Ltd. is a JV between Centum Learning Limited and National Skill Development Corporation, Govt. of India) for implementation of NSDC-STAR Project issued by NSDC.
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Authorised for CWSL NSDC-STAR Project...

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All successful Entrepreneurs have a vision, set goals for themselves and achieve their dreams with hard work and persistence to succeed. Self-confidence, belief, teamwork, positive attitude, people skills and ability to lead are a few qualities of the people at the top.
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Mentor & CMD

Dear Student,

"We believe and emphasize in the process we follow to mould a raw student into a corporate executive. In other words, IIME is not a college rather it is a factory that produces entrepreneurs and industry compatible executives using and Graduates as raw material". Welcome to IIME. Following is the list of factors that guided us in designing the current business management programs.

In most Business schools, the faculty members of business management are mere academicians without any industry exposure. Most of them have never worked in any business organization.Then, how can you expect a mere academician to teach lessons on business management?

Business management is as vast as an ocean. In that, each specialization is like a sea. A specialization in marketing alone contains topics like; Marketing research, Sales management, Supply chain management, Customer relationship management, Advertising management, Brand management, Retail marketing, Rural marketing, Services marketing, Strategic marketing etc. Most B schools ask you to choose any 2 to 3 subjects from the above list because they are unable to solve this problem wisely, that means you will be exposed to only 20% to 30% of the subject.

Business management is not an inborn quality. Can you consider a person who mugged up Philip Kotler’s Marketing Management textbook as equivalent to Mr.Philip Kotler, at least in the area of marketing management? In addition to this textbook knowledge or standard classroom lectures, something else is required, which is missing in most B schools. That is what Practical Exposure & Personality Development is. Most B schools conduct a mere 45 day project work as part of their curriculum for practical exposure. They spend a day in every month or a full one month just before the campus interview for personality development classes, which is not at all sufficient to mould a candidate fit into the corporate world.

Most B schools think that each and every MBA student’s desire is to work under somebody in an established organization. These business schools can never intend that an MBA can also start and run a business on his own. That is why they designed the curriculum only to produce subordinates. They never bothered to include subjects like Venturing, Crisis management etc.

Most B-Schools try to deceive you by using the sentence 100% Placement ASSISTANCE. Observe carefully the tricky word in that sentence, i.e. ASSISTANCE. No single B school will use words like ASSURANCE or GAURANTEE because the word ASSISTANCE has no legal binding on them. In other words, they are not confident in getting you a job and you just can’t do anything if they fail to get you the placement.

IIME has solutions for all the above problems. IIME issues Placement Guarantee Card duly signed by the Director himself on the first day of admission to all its students.

Students are being provided with the following facilities in IIME alone like:

  • Super specialization
  • Faculty direct from the industry
  • Realistic & continuously changing curriculum
  • Special 2 hour daily program on spoken English
  • Personality development & case studies
  • Emphasis on own business management
  • Free laptop for e-learning right from the very first day
  • So do come and be a part of the IIME family. Let’s make a difference

Keeping in view of the industry requirements, job placement & your future needs, IIME is offering Dual Certification Program. IIME developed an autonomous course with its own curriculum so designed as per the demands of the ever changing modern corporate world. So, every student, on successful completion of the 2 year fulltime PG course, will be awarded with a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM) certificate from IIME as well as a DEC MBA certificate from a UGC recognized University. The PGDBM certificate offered by IIME is a winning edge for a student to compete in the job market.

V K Shukla
Mentor & CMD