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Today's Announcement 25 . 03. 2018
IIME has also been authorised by CENTUM Work Skill INDIA Ltd.(One of the Top 15 Emerging Leaders in Training Outsourcing 2009 Worldwide CENTUM Work Skills India Ltd. is a JV between Centum Learning Limited and National Skill Development Corporation, Govt. of India) for implementation of NSDC-STAR Project issued by NSDC.
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Authorised for CWSL NSDC-STAR Project...

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All successful Entrepreneurs have a vision, set goals for themselves and achieve their dreams with hard work and persistence to succeed. Self-confidence, belief, teamwork, positive attitude, people skills and ability to lead are a few qualities of the people at the top.
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Dean Academic & Student Affairs

Today the gap between what the industry needs and what classical education offers is immense to say the least. In the last seven years I have had the opportunity of hiring people from the top business schools across the country. I have represented different organizations, and hired for different roles, but the gap that I referred to is evident and was independent of the organisation or the role I went to hire for. I don’t want to say that the top Indian business schools are not up to the mark, but yes there is a dimension that is missing.

It is not enough to be a good business manager; had that been the case, success stories would have been coming from very straight jacketed backgrounds! The best pedigree should then lead to best performance; and this cannot be more further from reality. The best performers in organizations are not necessarily from the best business schools nor are the best entrepreneurs necessarily from the best business school. So is it fluke or fate or is there some science to it?

The spectrum ranging from a feet-on-street sales representative to Vice Presidents. While business acumen and analytical skills can be taught, overall personality development and attitude is something that takes a lot of time and effort to develop. I have numerous occasions where hiring decisions are not based on skill, when you meet ten people with more than five years of relevant work experience; chances are that eight of these people would have the right skill sets, but the differentiator would be their attitude and personality.

At IIME we have designed a program that looks at developing you as an individual. We have developed the program in a way that helps you evolve as a person. The pedagogy is innovative and contemporary. There are two sections in this program that are designed to facilitate your overall development. PRIME (Program In Managerial Effectiveness) would help you develop soft skills and INDEX (Industry Domain Exposure) would help you learn about business management subjects.

As student managers you would be exposed to different aspects of being business managers. Your two years with me would be exhilarating to say the least. You would get to organize seminars across business functions. You would get exposure to liberal arts, which would help you appreciate the finer aspects of life. You would get a good flavour of adventure which would give you a completely new definition of ‘Pushing your Limits’.

These two years will change your life and I will ensure that this change is for your good!

I welcome you to IIME.

Ratendra Singh
Dean Academic & Student Affairs